Rock your wedding day morning

The big day is finally here… YAYYY! The getting ready portion of your morning could be quite lengthy depending on when your ceremony starts, where you are getting ready and how big your bridal party. This part of the day will be a lot of fun but also have a lot of emotion.

Here are some tips to have a stress-free wedding morning in hopes that the rest of the day will flow effortlessly and will be full of so much joy!




  • Create a timeline & delegate 

Know that no morning will fly by as fast as the morning of your wedding day, and you will need an easy to follow timeline and check list to ensure everything goes smoothly.  Ask yourself questions like, when are the flowers arriving? Who is getting hair and makeup done first? What time do you need to be out the door. Delegate each task to your trusted friend or family. Don’t forget to put vendor information, so it’s easy to contact or check on your vendor if needed.

  • Have all your details gathered the night before and placed together in one place 

Having it all in one place really takes the stress out of rushing to find it at the last minute. Lay out your perfume, shoes, jewelry, invites and so on on a specific place or a bag. When it comes to putting all these things together, you won’t need to run around looking for them. Bonus point if you put the details that you want the photographer to take it in a box or bags with handles. That way, when I arrive I can start shooting right away.

  • Decide on getting ready Location: Home, Salon or Hotel?  

Getting your hair and makeup done can take a few hours. Therefore, it is important to have an area that offers a calm and relaxing zone where you can take a breath.Some brides choose to get ready at their home because they can prepare everything in advance and not to worry bringing all wedding details to other location.Some brides choose to get ready in a hotel or bridal suites. This space is usually decorated beautifully. Going to the salon may be in your best interest, especially if you have a larger bridal party.  There will be more stylists on hand and you will get finished sooner. Unless they have a separate getting ready bridal suite, hair salons are not typically the ideal place to shoot bridal details like the dress, shoes, jewelry, or other detail photos. As a salon is a business, you will most likely have to adhere to business hours.  Unless you are able to arrange for an earlier open time.


Getting ready poses idea in Cleveland Ohio

Things to consider when choosing the location:

  • How many people in your bridal party?
  • How many hairstylists or MUA are coming to your house?
  • Do you have enough space for everyone?
  • Does your space provide enough lights for MUA and your photographer to work?
  • Does your MUA have enough people that they can bring to your location?
  • How far is getting ready place to the ceremony? 


This post I’ll give you a few tips that you can do to make your life easier on the morning of your wedding


Hang your dress and veil if you are wearing one the night before. That way, you can see if you need to steam the dress. You don’t want to spend your morning steaming your dress. Don’t forget to set the steamer out so any of your bridesmaid that need it can use it in the morning. Remind them to hang their dress on a hanger as soon as they arrive.

The Space

Find a room with lots of natural light – If you are getting ready at home this tip is something you are going to want to do ahead of time. Tidy the space, remove any clutter and set a space for everything. This will help with the organization and overall flow of your morning. If you like you can make a junk pile in one corner of the room where people can put their personal items there.

 What to Wear While Getting Ready

As a rule of thumb, whenever professionally getting hair and makeup done, wear a robe or a button-down shirt.  That way you won’t need to worry about pulling a piece of clothing over your face and potentially ruining all the wonderful work.Hands down, robes make great gifts for the bridal party as well. Alternatively, you can always buy matching pajama sets for you and your bridesmaids!

Food and drinks

With nerves, emotions, and butterflies working themselves into a frenzy in your stomache, you may find that your appetite is gone.  It is very important to make sure you drink water and eat something before the wedding.

Even better, why not have mimosas and breakfast bites on hand for you and your bridal party when you wake up.

Bride & bridesmaid wearing navy blue robes

Set the vibe

Turn up the music – The getting ready portion of the day easily has to be the most emotional with feelings of  anticipation, excitement and joy!  To cool your nerves, play your favorite playlist. Don’t forget to make sure your bring your Bluetooth speaker, charger and power strip.

Hair & Makeup

Bride, DON’T GO LAST for hair and make-up. It’s essential that there is plenty of time to take pictures of you putting on your earrings, finishing touches, and getting in your dress, etc. so if things are taking longer than expected, we want to make sure it’s just bridesmaids that are still getting ready and not you. Your hair and makeup done is first by priority, but then, making sure your maid of honor and mother of the bride is ready on time as well so that they can be in the photos of helping you get into your dress! But follow tip number 3 and then you’ll be safe.

Getting ready

Know how long it takes to get your dress on. Some dresses have a corset back and take forever to get on. Know how long this takes and let your photographer know so they are prepared with the timeline!

We hope you have an amazing time getting ready on your wedding day — enjoy every moment!

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